Wednesday, October 26, 2005




Today I just played with the trout fillets that came in last night. We
have decided to do a cured cold smoked trout to offer an option with the
salmon. I am working up the recipe now, today's experiment included the
trout, cured in Whiskey, sugar, pepper, salt, Salish, and a roasted Big
Jim green Chile. This was marinated for 35 minutes (testing flavor
profile, not a true cure yet) then 10 minutes with a little liquid smoke
to simulate the smoker cooker system it will be finished in.

Mean time I fried up some capers and mixed them down into some Crème
Fraiche to create the accompanying sauce. Came out OK, not spectacular
yet but OK. Have to pull the capers a couple minutes earlier.

Had Chef Mike (our fish guy) finish it in the pan for me, we dressed it
and tried it. All in all a great start, but not the stunning oh my good
jaw drop taste profile I was looking for. Tomorrow I will try adding
some pickling spices to it to kick the fish up a little.

Last, when cutting chilies really fast for recipe design DO NOT rub eyes
after word. I am a Cyclops at this point.

Chef Bob Ballantyne

The Cowboy and The Rose Catering

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA