Monday, May 28, 2007

Mini Tappenyaki update

Mini Tappenyaki update

Just a quick update on the Mini-Tappenyaki Station the going is slow when working 316 stainless steel. 
This stuff is hard as a rock and it work hardens, but we are making progress
with the concept and product.  It is getting to a very nice finish.  I
have completed the sanding here to 80 grit and I am going to 600 wet finish with
the steel.  You can see the 0.5 inch radius channel mill came in so I cut
the grease grooves.  I have not created the drain yet as I want to see how
it all fits on the table prior to deciding where the drain will fit best on the

The holes are now cut in the table and it is ready for my gas pumping operations to start.  I have selected RobertShaw
controls for the gas systems.  The high pressure side will be running the
WOK burner and a true temperature probe with active feed back and gas control
will be running the flat grill.  I wanted to be able to set a temperature
and have it hold to the temperature. 

The large hole in the table over the draw is the grill space, with the draw
being insulated and turned into a sliding salamander for unagi among other uses
where broiling is required.  The circle is being fitted with a high
pressure WOK burner.  This will allow me to run the bamboo steam stacks for
the veggies and such.  I have also fitted a WOK ring for it so I can cook
with a straight oil WOK. 

table is stainless steel and is going to weigh a lot when it is completed. 
I still have to make the cuts for ventilation and the fire suppression systems. The
draw looks like it will workout nicely for the broiler.  I have received
the high performance insulation required for proper insulation of the
salamander/oven.  Just need to create a safe cool handle and that will be

Last I am checking the fit of the stainless fabrication on the cut outs.  I
still have a lot of sanding to finish the grill.  But checking out the fit
is a must as I have to start to plump in the gas works.  The gas works are
being completed in black iron for safety and transport reasons.  I will
still have to use some flexible hosing for the bottle hook up, but the rest will
be all black iron.

This should give readers and idea of the work area size.  As well as what
the final look is going to be like.  I am happy with the progress so far,
but am looking forward to the metal finishing being completed as it is slow
going on this stainless plate.  But in the end we should have another
station that is mobile and on the edge of caterings offerings!

'til we talk again, work on one of those projects you have been putting off!

Chef Bob Ballantyne

The Cowboy and The Rose Catering

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA